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Nel crogiolo....

Nel crogiolo....

di tutto un po', secondo la mia modesta opinione, naturalmente

#Refugees from #Libya in #Italy now abandoned

Pubblicato da mcc43 su 28 Febbraio 2013, 20:34pm

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Today is the day stopping italian the Humanitarian North Africa Emergency Aid that helped North African people arrived from January 2011.

They are mainly refugees from Libya, subsharians ans asiatics, fleeeing the local racism sparked during the rebellion against Gaddafi. Youth, families with children, older people from today they have no shelter at all. No place to stay, no income, no protection.

"This means that 1,200 people lose their status of political refugees – says Gianni Alemanno, right-wing mayor in Rome - and lose all assistance from the State. Moreover no one knows what will happen: if they are repatriated, as we hope, or whether they will stay in our area.”

All over Italy , the number of people arrived was approximately 18.000, housed in touristic places, even in ski resorts like Monte Campione, where they had no way to find jobs or organize any activities. Unknown the number of those remaining.

A failure of Italian politics asylum, while the Italian governement recently sent military equipments, trainers and 20 Puma armored vehicles, 100 MILLIONS of euros, as a present for the evanescent Libyan government.



Subsaharian Refugees from Libya

Subsaharian Refugees from Libya

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Is this what we call Democratic Society? A Welfare or Warfare System? What does represent Italy soil for those who come to ask for asylum, political or human it is?<br /> You are focusing the real matter of our super-contradictory &quot;civil&quot; system: while italian governors has been going to pay million Eurs for armored equipments - totally disregarding principles and paragraphs of our Costitutional Chart - we keep on laying on our couches watching at the dramatic as unrealistic (even too real!!) imprisonment of those people. Those People that are human beings, not an uncomfortable statistic on a government chart (paraprhasing Police,).This is a sub-human hospitality condition correctly allowing their income, but literally suspending their lives, while they are escaping wars and mine fields, what their countries are. And who is subjugating their countries? Thanking you for your excellent work: few, very few people question as you skilly do. My compliments and to read you asap!!

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