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Nel crogiolo....

Nel crogiolo....

di tutto un po', secondo la mia modesta opinione, naturalmente

Dangerous Libya waiting for Feb 17 with a disappointed and angry Benghazi

Pubblicato da mcc43 su 1 Febbraio 2013, 19:31pm

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Dangerous Libya waiting for Feb 17 with a disappointed and angry Benghazi

Since the NATO withdrawal, the security situation in Libya has deteriorated dramatically reaching a state that is dangerous not only for Libya, but for the entire region; the central government exerts little control over the southern reaches of the country while criminals smuggling drugs, weapons, and human beings, have practically a free way throughout the whole region.

Terrorists of various jihadist organizations have also exploited this power vacuum to establish training camps in the eastern and southern parts of the country. From these bases, attacks are conducted against domestic and foreign institutions in Libya and its neighboring countries.

source    http://prospect.org/article/libyas-spheres-bad-influence

************************************ Benghazi ***********************************

"Imagine a city taken over by militias when all you want is to support the state," activist Mohammed Buganah said. "People feel insecure. They are very upset and annoyed about this."
Brigades control entrances into the city, streets, key infrastructure.
Two years ago the anti-Gaddafi uprising had the strongest support in Benghazi but today a very different mood has emerged.
"Most people here would say they are very unhappy," a local oil worker said. "Some say they are worse off than before."
Benghazans want their city to be the economic capital again and bodies like the National Oil Corporation, founded in Benghazi and later moved to Tripoli by Gaddafi, to return here. They have given the government until February 15 to make a decision.
"(Politicians) said they would do many things but there is no change," said Yussef al-Ghariani of the oil and gas workers' union. "People say they will do another revolution."
source  <http://news.yahoo.com/two-years-benghazi-threatens-another-revolution-libya-010526963.html> 

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I consider NATO’s intervention may have been a success for America’s military and oil companies but for the Libyan people, the this campaign may go down in history as one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century. It's hard to imagine how much time it will take for this country to rebuild its economy.
We may say you are right. The libyan loss is not only economical but social. Many fled away, many suffer PTSD, young educated people have no possibility to find a job. A great disaster

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