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Nel crogiolo....

Nel crogiolo....

di tutto un po', secondo la mia modesta opinione, naturalmente

Mali: who will face the international troops?

Pubblicato da mcc43 su 12 Novembre 2012, 22:11pm

Tags: #Mali, #Azawad, #Aqmi, #US, #Cedeao, #UN, #Ansar Eddine

Mali: who will face the international troops?

Defending or conquering Mali?

What are the actual jihadists that might face a possible intervention of African army? 
All fundamentalist groups is 4 to 6000 men, according to sources.
 Principal component Ansar Eddine [that officially rejected terrorism] together until 4000 men of defectors and deserters Tuareg MNLA the Malian army recruits local 
AQIM  and Mujao line up for their 2000 men, about 700 belonging to the "core "each organization: the most fanatical fighters and better trained. The rest consists of auxiliary recruited for money, including many teenagers, vaguely trained in the use of arms.
It is important to consider that these groups are not a rock solid

read more Mali : de quelles forces disposent les jihadistes ? by Laurent Touchard-

.... therefore I ask:

is really important for security to send international troupes as stated in the UN. resolution 2071? Or this is just a a maneuver of the Obama's Doctrine for Africa which aims to assume full control through the militarization of the Sahel and sub​​-Saharan area?

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