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Nel crogiolo....

Nel crogiolo....

di tutto un po', secondo la mia modesta opinione, naturalmente

The fog of misinformation over Aisha Gaddafi

Pubblicato da mcc43 su 13 Novembre 2012, 18:07pm

Tags: #aishagaddafi, #Algeria, #media, #disinformation, #Libya, #plot

The fog of misinformation over Aisha Gaddafi

We are witnessing the creation of a fiction,whose purpose is to hide a violation of human rights for the members of the Gaddafi family, accepted for "humanitarian reasons" in Algeria and, in fact, subjected to a regime of semi-freedom.

Minor Arab media started with rumors and questions: are Gaddafi’s children still in Algeria? Did they left for unknown destinations?

Then the news, as unconfirmed, appeared in a Canadian newspaper; after it was the turn of The Telegraph . Both stating “ according to the Arab press” . Today a jump in the level : it’s up to and International Business Time that also suggest where they could have gone:

""Now they're on the run again - but strict travel restrictions make it difficult to get very far.The United Nations has placed travel restrictions on Aisha and her siblings, I know air travel is off limits. That leaves nearby Niamey as Their Most Likely next stop. Brother Saadi Gadhafi has enjoyed haven Already in Niger for months.""

Despite Muammar Gadddafi's death, his children are still so 'powerful that Western governments have to take secret their movements?

Or are so severe the violations against their rights that have to be ketp hidden to the international public opinion?

The Gaddafis know secrets so embarrassing to the West that is not enough to deny them contacts with the media?

It 's too shameful the blackmail against Algeria that can’t be said to Algerians?

Is it simply a favor to the government and the GNC and Government of Libya, that are weak in the face of militias, but perhaps even more in their popularity? If they came to the point of destroying Bani Walid to arrest pro-Gaddafi forces this means that in the country the memory of a Libya respected, feared and wealthy is stronger than what is being said?

Most powerful countries against a Family, some men, a lot of infants, two widows...

Not ashamed of this "free" world? I am. .

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