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Nel crogiolo....

Nel crogiolo....

di tutto un po', secondo la mia modesta opinione, naturalmente

Bani Walid is safe ... even safer than a jail

Pubblicato da mcc43 su 23 Novembre 2012, 01:13am

Tags: #Libya, #Bani Walid, #human rights, #crime, #hypocrisy

Bani Walid is safe ... even safer than a jail

These news are coming from an "unbiased" source : Magharebia (Washington DC) that states:

Security improvements in Bani Walid reassure citizens that it is now safe to resume their normal activities.
"Every day is better than the previous one and steadily improving. The security committee controls all the intersections of the city, which is protected by the national army and the security forces," 
Troops loyal to the Libyan government captured the flashpoint city on October 24th. Hundreds of loyalist (!!!) fighters reportedly entered the town and hoisted the national flag atop abandoned buildings.
Some 500 homes were burned in the city during recent clashes between Libyan government-controlled forces and former Kadhafi loyalists.
"We have tasked a committee drawn from four engineering offices to fully survey damaged homes and dwellings in the city. Victims will have their rents covered for three months," Dr.al-Hrari said.
The army is in control of the city and the population is now less worried (!!!!) according to Mouin Chernam, Director of the Political Section of the United Nations Mission in Libya (unbiased!!). He also noted that displaced people were returning to schools and hospitals were becoming fully functional.
"Schools will have their missing chairs and blackboards replaced. They will even receive soccer balls for physical education," al-Hrari added.
The hospital was also outfitted with new equipment, drugs and two ambulances, and should resume full activity this week, he said.
Security forces will continue to protect the city and its vital locations.
"This force is made up of an estimated 500 members from the Ministry of Interior as well as a large force from the national army," explained Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Hussein Abu Hajar, the head of the security force in charge of Bani Walid.
"The situation is improving gradually. There have been no security breaches in the past 72 hours and citizens are responsive to us. With the reactivation of the police and judicial services, things will quickly improve," Colonel Mohammed Jeraa said.

The refrain in social media is “ situation in Bani Walid is normal”. Does the reader of that “unbiased and independent” article get the feeling of a normal city or suggesting a jail without ceiling?

Thank God, a compassionate Government will cover the rents for three months- More or less the time required to find another town to go, those who can, and that even the low-level papers forget to mention Bani Walid, creating the general impression of happy ending.

Shortage of chairs at school, it’s true. Unfortunately things like that happen even in a merciful and peaceful siege, we know... but, alhamdulilah, generously chairs will be donated and pupils pampered. They will be able to sit down during the lesson!

Leibnitz would rejoice hearing the song melodiously rising to the sky from that prison without ceiling that is Bani Walid "We live in the best of all possible worlds". Some trouble only when it rains.

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